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Finest Materials

FDA Approved non Porous Surface

Durable Icon.png

Rugged Durability

Made from marine grade material for many years of use

Easily Foldable

1" Thick for transport and easily fits in existing monitor cases

Rigid Construction

Can hold a variety of
monitor sizes

Cable Management

Plenty of space to hide equipment and cables underneath

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Rethinking the Way to Display


Designed with the idea that there has to be a better solution. Our Atlas monitor stand is made for every day touring use or on a permanent installation basis. This stand is designed to take a beating and still look clean.  Our design can be setup and torn down in less than 30 seconds and is made to fit in existing monitor flight cases. This design gives you an incredible amount of flexibility with access to all your connections from the front or rear.  Cable management and adjustments are a breeze. Made from FDA approved non-porous material. Our stand can hold an impressive variety of monitor sizes.

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